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As a CTO, CIO, or Security Officer for any managed healthcare system or provider, your job is demanding to say the least. Capital i specializes in technology-enabled solutions that are scalable and secure. In addition to assisting with hardware inventory throughout your facility, we can assist with the data normalization required to generate actionable insights from your systems. From Cyber Security strategy to 10-10 capital planning we understand the big-picture and the challenges you face.

Inventory Assessment

Understanding your inventory at both micro and macro levels is key to rationalizing your capital budget year after year. Managing depreciation and amortization as well as scheduling equipment or other hardware lifecycles proactively reduces the burden on the entire organization. Capital i provides sophisticated solutions for inventory management that fit your organization. From selecting the right inventory control solution to planning the right time to sell an asset efficiency and up-time are the name of the game. Capital i team members possess a unique blend of clinical engineering and clinical support experience. We not only keep the lights on but we understand the mission behind the machines.

Data Normalization

Today’s technology renders almost every device a data source. While the constant stream of diagnostics may seem like an advantage, without data aggregation tools and normalization routines it can become a burden quickly or worse, render rich data useless. Data normalization and data architecture should be part of your equipment onboarding processes. Ensuring each and every piece of inventory provides real-time alerts or warnings is an effective risk mitigation tactic for mature HTM programs. Capital i engineers can help with architecting a rich and powerful solution to ensure you aren’t missing something critical due to poor assimilation of data streams.

Cyber Security

Cyber security must be considered with every piece of equipment that collects patient data. From encrypting patient identifiers to ensuring the best security layers are in place with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) we take security seriously. Capital i can provide cyber security assessments, proactively and on a routine basis to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

5-10 year capital planning

Proper planning for capital investment and knowing when to turn over assets for maximum return is a science that ebbs and flows with the industry as well as with supply chain challenges. We can help you develop the most optimized capital investment schedule that fits your organization’s budget and compliance metrics. We know that patient safety, equipment up-time and timely access to care don’t always translate directly to the bottom line – but they need to. We can help you develop a balanced plan that will keep everyone from your COO to your Risk Management team happy.

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