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At Capital i, you are working with seasoned experts with over 50 years of experience with HTM leadership. We are business owners too, and we understand the financial and operational challenges of running large-scale facilities and maintenance programs. While patient safety and access to care are always top of your list of priorities, so too are ongoing cost reduction programs, ensuring constant compliance through program assessments, and ensuring your cyber security programs are air-tight. Whatever your most pressing operational challenge, we can serve as a trusted resource.

Cost Reduction

Constantly managing overhead and continuously streamlining your cost structure is critical. We also know the complexity of your organization can result in time-consuming projects to try to extract cost and scale your business. Capital i can plan, execute and manage internal cost reduction programs in the areas of inventory management, CMMS reviews, internal and external contract reviews, capital equipment planning, and determine the appropriate course of action for excess equipment management. Each assessment yields audit findings, recommendations, and options.

Patient Safety

Patient safety is your number one priority. We work with our clients to develop Medical Equipment Management Plans (MEMPs) that provide transparency and peace of mind. Ensuring you have an optimized and proactive plan for maintenance and support ensures minimal downtime for both clinicians and hospital administrators. We work to ensure clinical teams are engaged and understand the importance of communicating with clinical engineering team members and the reasons why. Ensuring your patients have timely access to accurate diagnostics is directly linked to better health outcomes.

Access to Care

Similar to patient safety, patient access to care is key. We help you implement easy-to-monitor up-time metrics and build out internal and external SLAs to ensure you have the right inventory levels for your day-to-day operation. Underperforming or unreliable devices can present similar challenges as not having enough and can result in inefficiencies of scale within your clinic’s medical system. We ensure your inventory levels are at optimal levels for your patient visit volumes and can work with you to ensure your community has timely access to the services they need, when they need them.

Program Assessment

Completing a comprehensive program assessment upon initial engagement is key. Repeating the assessment at routine intervals, ideally with enough time to mitigate or address areas of weakness (especially prior to audits or accreditations) is something we encourage early on. We will look at your entire HTM program, evaluate all of your existing contracts, warranties and CMMS as well as review your SOPs to ensure they are current. Capital i will work with your clinical teams to ensure organizational alignment, understanding, and compliance with your SOPs and can provide early, but critical, insights into vulnerabilities as well as corrective action plans. Prevention is key!

Cyber Security

Cyber Security and compliance with patient confidentiality (HIPPA) have never been more critical. This includes not only your internal systems but the systems of your vendors or downstream contractors. Security standards must be clearly defined and enforced both systematically and in daily practice by your entire clinical support staff. We perform vulnerability assessments, manage security patches, test devices and third-party apps, and provide a level of compliance required by third parties and insurance underwriters.

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