Support Services for Clinical Engineers

Healthcare Technology Management To Support Clinical Engineers

Capital i has over 50 years of experience in the clinical engineering field and can provide everything from full-service solutions to incremental support with project management, data normalization, cyber security, and capital planning. Whatever phase of engineering you are in, you can leverage the resources at Capital i to execute any aspect of your HTM program.

Project Management Support

Whether you are looking for a part-time project management professional, or a program manager to help with planning a multi-year HTM program, Capital i can help. We offer staff augmentation programs at all levels, in-depth data analysis, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to review your plans and flush out gaps or decompose your plans to ensure they are comprehensive. We are experienced with large to small facilities from VA hospitals to small clinics and can provide critical support for any long or short term project.

Data normalization

Our clinical engineering clients depend on fast, accurate, and streamlined data in order to evaluate the performance of their programs and every asset within their inventory. We assist by performing data assessments followed by recommendations for aligning data sets to ECRI or other internal standards. We work with refining equipment onboarding processes and ensure proper recording of all transactions as well as ensuring there are strict internal controls for decommissioning equipment. Capital i performs periodic data review to identify anomalies that require investigation and help clinical engineers pinpoint areas of their operation requiring extra care or attention.

Cyber Security

Clinical engineering teams are on the front lines of data and cyber security. We work with engineers through data security and vulnerability assessments and provide CMMS data recommendations for storage and secure transfer of all PHI, PII, or PCI contained within. Capital i provides get-well planning to ensure any identified risks or gaps are mitigated in a timely fashion, including up or downstream 3rd party assessments for systems falling under the organization’s compliance umbrella.

Capital Planning

Capital planning is complex for clinical engineers who are tasked with balancing cost containment objectives with equipment uptime and availability. Our team helps by engineering a sweet spot between asset procurement, utilization, and disposal. We provide an in-depth analysis of your current inventory and help with strategic capital expenditure smoothing to manage to your organization’s multi-year budgeting cycles.

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