Self-Management Solutions

Healthcare Technology Management Self-Management Solutions

Our team of HTM consultants have led HTM teams in large DoD medical centers, regional healthcare networks, and small clinics, and know how to optimize and provide value to any sized HTM program.

Healthcare Technology Management

Capital i specializes in HTM program evaluation to supplement the HTM leaders’ view and understanding of their internal HTM program. We can review and assist with updating and organizing your SOPs to include the medical equipment management program. Additional program assessment services include contract/warranty review and optimization, an assessment of your ability to implement AEM and provide BMET augmented staff/ Depot support.

Inventory Management

An HTM program is only as good as its inventory. We are prepared to assist your organization with planning and executing of physical inventory and updating your equipment records. In lieu of a physical inventory, we can also perform an analysis of your current CMMS data to determine your current equipment inventory posture. Additionally, we are able to support a centralized mobile equipment inventory management program which will enable your organization and maximize the usage of your medical equipment while maintaining an accurate inventory resolution in an overall reduced spend for capital equipment.

HTM Data – Basics

Our team of HTM consultants have collectively experienced over a dozen TJC surveys. We are poised to come in and assist your organization with establishing standard operating procedures and policies to support the clinical accreditation process your healthcare organization subscribes to.


HTM programs and its CMMSs aspire to use their data for decisions support, predictive analytics, audit readiness, and regulatory compliance. Unfortunately, many organizations have dirty data. We specialize in cleaning your data through data normalization processes and helping you establish procedures to ensure all of your transactions yield standardized data.

HTM Data – Advanced

As your data posture matures, we can help with aligning your records to ECRI, which will allow your organization to process Hazards, Alerts, and Recalls most efficiently. With your clean data, we can implement an AEM program, develop a clear 5-10 year Capital Equipment Replacement Plan. We can also support your new clinical projects with equipment planning services.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

The world is full of bad actors that want your organization’s and your patient’s information, your money, or just notoriety. Reports state that 53% of connected medical devices have vulnerability, we want to help you harden your cyber security environment to protect your health system against ransomware attacks and data breaches.

HTM Compliance

In the medical device world, compliance is a requirement to ensure patient safety is maintained at the highest levels. We can support your organization with accreditation readiness for TJC surveys, CMS inspections, and AAA-HC surveys. Responding to the FDA can be stressful. We can assist with establishing FDA reporting procedures to ensure you do not receive visits from federal agents.

Supply Chain Management

We believe technicians should spend a majority of their time performing PMs and CMs. We have programs that will allow you to hand over vendor relationship management for equipment, parts, consumables, and contingency stock purchasing.

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