Comprehensive Solutions For All Facets of Healthcare Technology Management

At Capital i, we specialize in providing a broad range of healthcare technology management solutions catering to many different roles. Whether you’re an IT manager, business manager, clinical engineer, or an executive, we can package together the right solutions to serve your immediate and future technology management needs.

Healthcare Technology Management Operations

Our operational support offerings consider the entire lifecycle management of your organization’s program. Our HTM consultants will review your program to identify strengths and areas for growth. We will conduct a review of your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), warranties, and contracts to find the most cost-effective methods of support. Our review will highlight the ability to implement an Alternate Equipment Maintenance (AEM) program while continuing a high level to support patient safety and increasing access to care.

Inventory Management

HTM begins with the inventory. We assist you with getting control of your inventory by conducting an administrative review of your CMMS and providing recommendations to enhance your organization’s inventory. We have partners that can support a wall-to-wall inventory with standardized data entry processes. We also provide onsite services to manage network-wide Patient Movement Equipment programs.

HTM Data – Basics

HTM Data is difficult to corral, but we can help. We will help you begin with the basics and start cleaning house. We will normalize your data to support better analytics efforts. We can also clean up your data prior to a CMMS transition to ensure you do not flood your new system with bad data. Our services will also help you write and implement equipment onboarding and decommissioning processes to ensure your data stays clean.

HTM Data – Advanced

As your data posture matures, we can help with aligning your records to ECRI standards, which will allow your organization to process Hazards, Alerts, and Recalls more efficiently. With your clean data, we can implement an AEM program and develop a clear 5-10 year Capital Equipment Replacement Plan. We can also support your new clinical projects with equipment planning services.

Internet of Medical Things (IOMT)

The world is full of bad actors wanting your and your patients’ information, money, or simply notoriety. Reports state that 53% of connected medical devices have vulnerability. We will help you strengthen your cyber security environment to protect your health system against ransomware attacks and data breaches.

HTM Compliance

In the medical device world, compliance is a requirement to ensure patient safety is maintained at the highest levels. We can support your organization with accreditation readiness for TJC surveys, CMS inspections, and AAA-HC surveys. Responding to the FDA can be stressful. We can assist with establishing FDA reporting procedures to ensure you do not receive visits from federal agents.

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