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Capital i is one of the nation’s innovative and fastest growing Healthcare Technology Management companies offering competitive placements and benefit-rich employment opportunities for its HTM professionals. Our job postings update daily, so check out our jobs board for current availability or our company page on Indeed.

Capital i is planning on expanding its territory within the coming year, so be on the lookout for new openings soon!

Benefits of Working at Capital i

Credentialing Programs

As a best-in-class HTM provider, Capital i proudly offers credentialing programs through AAMI as well as in the areas of CBMET, CRES, CHTM, and CABT. We believe in providing upward mobility for our technicians and clinical engineering team as a whole and through doing so, provide the highest quality service offering in the country.

Internship Programs

Capital i offers internship and real-life work experience to aspiring technicians and young business professionals through warehouse or depot skill-building internships as well as through the Department of Defense skill bridge program. Summer internships are also offered on a first-come, first-serve basis through select state and local universities for undergraduate students looking to grow their business acumen with a fast-paced, rapid-growth healthcare company.

DoL Apprenticeship Programs

Similar to our internship programs and commitment to growth and upward mobility, Capital i is an active member of AAMI and offers DoL apprenticeship, program overviews, and the like to qualified applicants. For more information on the requirements to qualify to the DoL apprenticeship program, email

Competitive Benefits

Employee Testimonials

Spotlight: Amy Davis

“What I love about being a Biomed is really just the opportunity. Getting to go through school and actually having a skill that is transferable on all levels. You can work at a hospital, you can work for a contractor, you can work for the government, and you can eventually have your own business. Having that skill is necessary because, without having someone to fix that medical equipment, those doctors can’t provide patient care. We are definitely one of the many bloodlines that helps with patient care. Just being able to work in the hospitals, and work with the doctors and nurses, and being called in to fix something broken, and getting to be that saving grace. You get to be the hero every day.”

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