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HTM Internships

Summer Intern Career Building Program

"As a graduate student, internships are so valuable in gaining experience between semesters. I interned at Capital i the summer before my last semester of grad school and learned so much in such a short amount of time. I loved working cross-functionally with many different people and tackling projects across departments as I gained knowledge of a working business. The team embraced my perspective, empowering me to experiment and own projects, growing my confidence in many areas."
Marketing Analytics Intern | now Marketing Analyst
"Interning at Capital i the summer before my last year of college and throughout the next year was an invaluable experience. I had the opportunity to apply my classroom knowledge to real-world marketing projects and the creative freedom that the team gave me enabled me to grow and learn so much. My experience at Capital I not only deepened my understanding of the HTM industry, but also the supportive environment allowed for personal growth and lasting connections with my co-workers."
Marketing Intern | now Technical Writer

Department of Defense SkillBridge Program

"During my 21-year career in the military, with 17 years focused on healthcare technology management, I gained invaluable insights into the Key Success Points (KSPs) of the field, especially from a Department of Defense (DOD) perspective. Transitioning to civilian life with Capital i was a big shift, but thanks to Tony and Shon's guidance, I managed to tackle the challenges of moving from military to civilian healthcare management. It was a whole new ball game, with a slight learning curve and a different set of rules.
Capital i really leveled the transition for me. They embraced remote work while still valuing face-to-face time, using the VTC model brilliantly. As a retiring Warrant Officer, I appreciated the latitude given to continue my work seamlessly during this transition. It was a chance to apply the knowledge and skills I’ve gained over the past two decades and finally feel like things were coming full circle. Unlike some organizations, Capital i didn't confine me to one role. Instead, I had the opportunity to contribute to various aspects of the business. From financial team collaborations to contract reviews, bringing projects together, involvement in systems development, and working with data analytics, the versatility of my position at Capital i is rare.
Capital i's commitment to fostering an environment conducive to innovation has been a key factor in my professional growth. The organization's support has allowed me to leverage my diverse skill set, contributing to a culture that values adaptability, creativity, and a holistic approach to problem-solving."
SkillBridge Program Intern | now HTM Senior Manager

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