Know our story

About us

Capital i, LLC is a privately-owned solutions company established in 2018.  We advance Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) through the provision of leadership consulting and Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) staffing solutions.  As a proven industry leader in the HTM field we offer experienced, unbiased recommendations to our clients with a focus on improving service delivery while reducing cost.

We partner with and assess your organization’s HTM program, to provide recommendations tailored to your facility’s unique needs.  We add value through the provision of services and solutions that strike the perfect balance between sustainable effectiveness and efficiency - effectiveness through visionary thinking and strategic approaches aligned with your organization's goals; efficiency through standardization and continuous process improvement. We focus on ensuring the right people are utilizing the right processes with the right technology to achieve optimal outcomes for your organization.

Our mission

Advancing Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) through the provision of leadership consulting and staffing solutions.

Over 70 years of experience

Capital i’s founders have over 70 years of experience in Healthcare Technology Management spanning public and private sectors. Our relevant hands-on experience consists of: general biomedical maintenance, imaging maintenance, operations management, space and equipment planning, information systems development and integration, program management, equipment life-cycle management, data normalization and analysis, as well as executive-level leadership positions within private healthcare organizations.

We have facilitated the provision of world-class healthcare in over a dozen countries in environments spanning from 500+ bed Level I Trauma Centers in large metropolitan areas to single-bed forward-surgical elements in the Middle East.