HTM in a Box (promoting the field)

As a corporate member of AAMI, we leverage a lot of resources.  HTM in box is one of my favorite concepts from AAMI and we wanted to share it from our site. One of AAMI’s core strategic initiatives is to help increase the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) personnel pipeline. “HTM in a Box” is one […]

Roundtable: CMMS

This month’s round table article by TechNation highlights all things CMMS.  The article covers a lot of aspects of CMMS from the view of industry leaders.  The cyber portions of this article are helpful to many organizations trying to secure their networked medical devices.  For more information on CMMS, check out the AAMI white paper. […]

Right to Repair

Capital i Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMET) and Clinical Engineers (CE) support the Department of Defense (DoD), Veterans Health Administration (VHA), and commercial healthcare organizations as an independent service organization (ISO). The healthcare industry run away cost has been part of the public conversation for several decades.  Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) have been extending their sales/service […]

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