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Capital i is a Healthcare Technology Management (HTM), Medical Supply Chain, and Medical Facilities solutioning company. Our core HTM offerings include:

Medical Device Lifecycle Management

We support acquisition planning, purchasing, onboarding, inventory accounting, planned maintenance, corrective maintenance, warranty and contract management, and equipment decommissioning.

Inventory Management

We will work with your team to determine your inventory needs through an administrative review and physical inventory. Our team will also assist with ongoing inventory management and innovative solutions to manage your organization’s management of mobile medical devices.

HTM Data

Your HTM data is the key to ensuring patient safety and optimizing your operation. We can assist you with being brilliant at the basics and maturing your HTM program’s data.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Connected medical devices are becoming more prevalent. The benefits of connected medical devices are plentiful, but so are the vulnerabilities. We are here to assist your organization with supporting your IoMT.

HTM Compliance

Accreditation and regulatory compliance are key components signaling quality to a patient and provider population. HTM organization plays a vital role in supporting the environment of care and compliance with regulations. Capital i has a team of consultants to assist your organization with attaining and maintaining compliance.

Supply Chain Management

The medical supply chain is not immune to constraints and bottlenecks from manufacturing and distribution. Our solutions can support your organization’s supply chain strategy, which includes optimization and contingency planning.

Health Technology Management (HTM) Industry Leadership & Mentoring Programs

We take HTM leadership seriously & support the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) ( as corporate members. A member of our executive team is on the AAMI Healthcare Technology Leadership Committee. We also volunteer our time to support growing the future of the HTM workforce by providing internship opportunities to technical college students & supporting those technical colleges’ advisory councils.

Educational Resources for HTM Professionals


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